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US researchers found that the consumption of alcoholic beverages may protect against the development of Metabolic Syndrome, in particular among overweight and/or obese individuals. Few studies have so far evaluated the effects of alcohol consumption on the incidence of the metabolic syndrome. Given the high prevalence of the MetS (23% in the US population), which increases the risk of developing type-2-diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it is important to understand the modifiable factors that can slow the progression of this disorder.…
A study from the University of Sydney (Australia) highlights the significant and long-term effects that alcohol misuse, particu­lar­­ly binge drinking, can have on the developing brain’s functions and structure in young people. The researchers reviewed 20 neuropsychological and neuro-imaging studies of young people between 13 and 24 years old, an age where the brain is particularly vulnerable to developmental changes. They found that excessive drinking in young people was marked by brain shrinkage and changes to white matter, and deficits…
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