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Every year, one member state of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) invites scientists from all over the world to present and discuss new research data. This year, the host was Mexico and Wine in Moderation (WiM) and the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) participated with a presentation. Approximately 1200 wine and viticultural experts from all over the world followed the invitation of OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) and came to Ensenada in Baja California, Mexico,…
Wine in Moderation and the WIC scientific coordinator will participate at the next OIV Congress, which will take place in Ensenada, Mexico between 31 October and 4 November 2022. The topics of their presentations include: “Moderate wine consumption and cancer risk in context” and “Wine professionals – from responsible service to a sustainable consumption of wine”.
The Wine Information Council (WIC) Scientific experts met in Barcelona earlier this week to discuss the strategic outlook of the Wine Information Council and its mission. The scientists also debated the current topics about wine and health aspects.
The Foundation for Wine and Nutrition Research (FIVIN) with the sponsorship of the OIVE (Interprofessional Wine Organization of Spain) has launched the first call for grants for research projects "Wine, Nutrition and Health", with the aim of promoting scientific studies that address, from a nutritional and epidemiological point of view, the biological effects on the health of wine and its components following moderate consumption. After receiving more than 20 proposals from universities and study and research centres from all over…
Thursday, 22 September 2022 07:20

Is abstinence a risk factor for dementia?

In a large sample of older adults (> 60 years) from low- and middle-income countries, the current study found that abstaining from alcohol is associated with an increased risk of dementia. In recent decades, the global prevalence of dementia has almost tripled, from 20.2 million in 1990 to 57.4 million in 2019. By 2050, the number of individuals living with dementia is projected to increase to 152 million. Without having a treatment for dementia, reducing the risk factors is fundamental…
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