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Ernährung 2016 conference, June 9, 2016, Dresden, Germany The Deutsche Weinakademie is organising a symposium at Ernährung (Nutrition) 2016 which is the common yearly conference of nutritionists and physicians with a focus on nutritional medicine from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Speakers: Prof. Nicolai Worm: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and Metabolic Syndrome – nutritional consequences for prevention and therapy Prof. Kristian Rett: Should moderate wine consumption for diabetic patients be prescribed or prohibited? More detailed information:
World Congress on Public Health and Nutrition March 10-12, 2016, Madrid, Spain For more information:
Multimorbidity, usually defined as the co-occurrence of two or more chronic conditions in one person, has become the norm rather than the exception in primary care patients and is set to become more prevalent as our populations age. Multimorbidity is therefore a growing concern in our society and a challenge facing patients, health professionals and health systems' sustainability. Using interactive formats, this conference will provide a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals, researchers, policy-makers, professionals from the pharmaceutical and ICT industry,…
Thursday, 17 September 2015 10:24

2nd conference on European Reference Networks

DG Health and Food Safety will organise the “2nd conference on European Reference Networks” on 8-9 October 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. This 2nd conference, hosted by the Ministry of Health of Portugal, is an event organised in the frame of of the Luxembourgish EU Presidency. Objectives The aim of the conference is to discuss and raise awareness on the state of the art on the organisation of highly specialised networks and centres of expertise across the EU, to present the…
During the OIV scientific session of the “Health and Safety” Commission, several interesting topics were presented. Dr. Imke Reeseexplained that adverse reactions after drinking wine are commonly reported. However, in most reports reproducibility of these reactions is not addressed, which leaves it unclear whether these reactions are in fact adverse reactions in an allergological sense. Often an objective convincing history as well as a thorough diagnostic workup to identify the underlying mechanism is lacking, resulting in purely subjective reports. Sulfites…
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