The Wine Information Council (WIC) is a unique partnership between the various scientific, academic bodies and experts in Europe and beyond devoted to research on wine, health and social aspects, and the organizations committed to the promotion of moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wine.

WIC is one of the three pillars of the Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre programme* and was established in response to the need for broader dissemination of research on the health, social and cultural aspects of wine drinking around the world.

The Wine Information Council works towards:

  • Developing a platform for information on health, cultural & social aspects of wine consumption that is free and accessible to everyone, by maintaining a centralized database portal containing sound evidence-based information and research articles under the supervision of a scientific advisory group;
  • Creating and sustaining a vivid network of credible scientists working in the field of wine, health and social aspects research;
  • Facilitating a better dialogue and cooperation between existing national organisations and institutes, with focus on the health and socio-cultural aspects of wine; 
  • Stimulating identification of priority areas for additional independent research;
  • Making available relevant updated scientific information on wine, health & social aspects and sharing relevant scientific news and updates.

Created in 2009, it acts as a focal point on health, social and cultural aspects of wine drinking, to facilitate dialogue and make available relevant, unbiased, credible and sound scientific information.

Under the supervision of an Interdisciplinary Scientific Advisory Group:

  • Constantly update the scientific database with the latest sound scientific articles applying strict selection criteria
  • Communicate the latest scientific news, events - conference and research opportunities;
  • Focus on key scientists and their research through interviews;
  • Organise scientific events and conferences on key scientific issues.

The WIC is open to contributions and comments from all interested stakeholders, to exchange views and share knowledge and good practices. Contact us.


*The Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre programme is about encouraging moderation and responsibility in how people appreciate wine. 

It is an international programme founded by the wine sector to empower all wine professionals and engage them towards action, ensuring a sustainable wine culture.


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