Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission

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    Livingston, G.;Huntley, J.;Sommerlad, A.;Ames, D.;Ballard, C.;Banerjee, S.;Brayne, C.;Burns, A.;Cohen-Mansfield, J.;Cooper, C.;Costafreda, S. G.;Dias, A.;Fox, N.;Gitlin, L. N.;Howard, R.;Kales, H. C.;Kivimaki, M.;Larson, E. B.;Ogunniyi, A.;Orgeta, V.;Ritchie, K.;Rockwood, K.;Sampson, E. L.;Samus, Q.;Schneider, L. S.;Selbaek, G.;Teri, L.;Mukadam, N.

  • Issue: Lancet . 2020 Aug 8;396(10248):413-446
  • Published Date: 2020 Aug 8
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