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OIV Research grants 2015

Within the framework of developing its Strategic Plan, the OIV may grant research scholarships in priority programme fields on a yearly basis. Grants offered within the framework of this programme are short term (six months to fifteen months maximum) and are provided for specific post graduate training programmes. Targeted candidates must be very qualified, with the desire to pursue their research, further knowledge and keep up on the latest progress made in their field of study and/or work.

This year, the focus topics are as follows:

In viticulture

  • Studies on resources and water balance in the wine sector (Eg water footprint).
  • Trunk Diseases.
  • Management and use of wine by-products.
  • Climate change and vineyard management to control the grape’s sugar content.

In oenology

  • The use of non-Saccharomyces yeasts in winemaking
  • Oenological tannins: scope, objectives and consequences in wine
  • New alternative products for stabilization and storage of wine
  • Nanotechnology in winemaking

In economy

  • The role of standards and private standards in the organisation of the field of table grapes
  • "Health and nutritional" labelling: State policies implemented, effectiveness of labelling policies with regard to public health, readability of labels by consumers
  • Analysis of the cost production in the wine sector

In Safety and Health

  • The effects of wine consumption on degenerative diseases
  • Changes in consumer behavior


More information on the 2015 OIV Research grants

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