What Is Alcohol per Capita Consumption of Adults Telling us about Drinking and Smoking among Adolescents? A Population-Based Study across 68 Countries

AIMS: To investigate whether recorded alcohol per capita consumption of adults could be linked with alcohol drinking and smoking among adolescents.

METHODS: Adult alcohol per capita has been plotted graphically together with the prevalence of current drinking and smoking among adolescents.

RESULTS: Across all 68 countries, a highly statistically significant correlation was detected, indicating a linear relationship.

CONCLUSION: Countries which are high in alcohol per capita consumption among adults need to pay heightened attention to alcohol and tobacco use among the younger population.

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  • Authors:

    Fuhr,D.C.; Gmel,G.

  • Issue: Alcohol Alcohol / pages :88-92 / vol. 46 / issue 1
  • Published Date: 2010/11/8
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