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Effects of red wine consumption The authors of this review state that a strong controversy persists regarding the effects of moderate...
Moderate consumption: consistently lower inflammation markers, even with variable study designs, Chronic low-grade inflammation (inflammation that fails to resolve or is continuously triggered) can...
Meta analysis on total mortality and drinking- Evidence-based science or ideology? Researchers at the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (*) published a new meta analysis about the...
Is the intake of wine/alcoholic beverages associated with body weight changes? The current prospective study examined the contradictory relation between the intake of alcoholic beverages...

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Polyphenol-Rich Beverages and Mental Health Outcomes Emerging evidence suggests that diets rich in plant-based foods and beverages may... More detail
Changes in Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Dementia in a Nationwide Cohort in South Korea IMPORTANCE: The impact of serial changes in alcohol consumption on dementia risk... More detail

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