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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 15:36

The Lisbon Addictions conference

The First European conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies will be held in Lisbon on 23–25 September 2015. This comprehensive and multi-disciplinary event will showcase leading European addiction research in the specialist areas of illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and other addictive behaviours. It will address new challenges and cover developing fields such as new psychoactive substances, online sales and gambling, cannabis legalisation and alcohol pricing. This conference will provide a unique networking opportunity for researchers, practitioners and policy experts…
The workshop on Chronic Diseases and Healthy Ageing which will take place in The Hague (The Netherlands) on12 and 13 February, aims at presenting results from several projects and joint actions co-funded under the 2nd Health Programme from the field under discussion and to foster the exchange of knowledge and best practices between experts from EU Member States.
Thursday, 04 December 2014 13:32

OIV meetings for 2015

13-25 April 2015 OIV experts’ annual meetings Experts’ annual meetings + Scientific and Technical Committee meeting (CST) + Executive Committee meeting (Comex) * Paris, France 5-9 July 2015 38th World Congress of Vine and Wine Mainz, Germany 10 July 2015 13th General Assembly of the OIV Mainz, Germany
Location: Tours, France Date: 27-30 October 2015 ICPH is a biennial international conference that has been hosted all around the world for more than 10 years. Building on the success of previous ICPHs in Vichy (2003), Davis (2005), Kyoto (2007), Harrogate (2009), Barcelona (2011) and Buenos Aires (2013), ICPH 2015 is expected to attract over 700 delegates including renowned speakers over 4 days from all over the world. Polyphenols are now widely recognized as bioactive compounds of plant foods demonstrating…
Location: Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA Date: 3 — 5 June 2015 The International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences at Montclair State University will be a vital cross-disciplined meeting of experts across international food genres. The venue will uniquely bring together food scholars from all over the world with local and national culinarians, food scientists, food enthusiasts and members of the food trade. Reputed culinary, food science and nutrition scholars will present their research papers during a number…


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